Thursday, July 13, 2017

Disney World 2017

In June we took a road trip to Florida and met up with some of my relatives to go to Disney World! It was Leo and Mina's first time. Ronnie and I had been as kids.

 The first day we went to Magic Kingdom! 

We had dinner with Mickey and his friends which Leo was VERY excited about! 

 Ironically, my brother was in town for work so we picked him up after Magic Kingdom to visit.

Hollywood Studios was the next day. The favorite ride was the shooting toy story ride :)

Animal Kingdom!

 The last day was Epcot. We stayed all day and saw the fireworks at night.

Overall it was a whirlwind trip to Disney. I can't wait until Mina is older and likes princesses to go again! My aunt pretty much spoonfed us Disney! We had fun and its always great to see family.

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Laura said...

So magical! Hooray for Disney!